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About Our Business
We here at Smith Mountain Lake Animal Hospital believe in serving you, your pet, and our community. We believe in providing high quality care in a modern, clean environment. We take pride in our desire to respond to the needs of pets and people.We value the trust you place in us, which is why we pledge ourselves to a program of continuing education to constantly develop new skills and make the latest developments in pet care available to you and your pet.Our health care team will provide your pet with the best in time and attention. We want you to be informed of your pets condition, about the latest advances in vet care, and any other information you may need to help you care for and enjoy your pet.
We thank members of our SMLAH family for sending us these beautiful pictures of their furry friends enjoying the snow!!
Special thanks to those individuals who took the time to send us their wonderful pictures. We hope you had as much fun as your pets!